Saoussen was first drawn to photojournalism through her co-founded blog Onepaycheckaway.typepad.com. As she documented the many faces and emotions of subjects, she quickly discovered her aptitude to not only document but to introduce her artistic style to photographs. She has been most influenced by the work of JR and Lee Jeffries, both of which are street artists and portrait photographers based out of New York City and Manchester, respectively. Her journey as a photographer has led her to take several informal trainings with local photographers and artist.  She continues to master retouching techniques and explore creative avenues to portray her photos. She says what excites her most about photography is not only preserving a memory but the opportunity to tell a story and capture the essence of a moment; she likes “to capture raw emotions in […] subjects and the unexpected beauty of ordinary backdrops“ When Saoussen is not behind the lens she is catching up on Dexter, reading the latest on the alternative medicine scene, and connecting with her new found love: scoping out different surf beaches in Costa Rica.